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Faculty Supplemental Support Request Form

Advancing research and knowledge in the humanities is central to our mission. We support faculty through micro-grants from $250 - $2000. Funds are limited and will be awarded on a rolling basis. An open call for applications will be solicited each semester. Please submit requests at least three weeks prior to the proposed event or program.

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Event Information

Please enter or suggest a title for the event

In approximately 100 words, please describe the event, including the main purpose and audience intended for the event.

If this event has already been posted on a departmental website, a Facebook Event page, or elsewhere online, please provide the link(s) here.



Accessibility Information
We add the University's accessibility statement to each event we share on our web calendar. This statement requires the name and phone number of a faculty or staff member who can field and respond to accessibility inquiries.

Additional Event Information

Related Attachment(s)

By accepting Tanner Humanities Center funds, you agree to:
  • Include our logo on event marketing materials, such as posters, programs, website, and social media
  • Thank the Tanner Humanities Center as a sponsor at your event (signage and/or verbal thank-you)
  • Provide a brief (250 words - 500 words) report on the impact of funding (within 60 days of your event). Impact includes attendance, audience served, key takeaways, etc.

Last Updated: 7/18/22