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Tanner Topics

Contemporary Conversations

In Spring 2020, we launched the Tanner Talks initiative. Our Tanner Talks aim to inspire and inform constructive public conversations on contemporary topics. Our Tanner Topics highlight how the humanities are essential to understanding the universality of the human condition, appreciating our common humanity, strengthening our ability to solve complex problems with creativity, and meeting the challenges confronting humanity today while enhancing our capacity for empathy and hope.

Currently we are talking about:

  • Ethics, Economics, and Equality

Tanner Humanities has partnered with other academic centers across the nation to co-host a series of virtual conversations on advancing rights and justice during a pandemic.

“The impacts of the novel coronavirus are being felt across the world, and in all domains of our lives, from physical and mental health, to job security, housing, and family life. Existing inequalities are more visible than ever, with the burdens of the crisis falling on some much more than others.”

From epidemiologist to ethicists, our series brings together scholars and practitioners representing a range of different disciplines to discuss the challenge COVID-19 presents globally.

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Last Updated: 8/30/21